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Men's Ministries

Because God is more concerned with who you are becoming than what you are accomplishing!
A Journey of Transformation!
In the middle of the commotion and chaos of urban life, our Men's Ministry stands as a beacon of hope, calling unbelieving men to encounter the transformative love of Christ. Our mission is to walk alongside men on their spiritual journey, helping them foster a deeper connection with God.

We understand the heavy burdens and pressures of being a husband, father, and provider, pressures that often go unrecognized by others. Through small groups, game day watch parties, and outreach projects, we create a community of trust and support, giving men the guidance they seek to navigate life's challenges.

We want to ignite men’s hearts, with the courage to embrace the revolution that comes from walking in God’s power by obedience to His Word.
We also encourage men to grow through, sharing their skills, gifts, and the love of Christ, with others in need around them.

Brother, You're Invited!

Men you have an invite to "God's Training Camp" – Where Men are Forged by Faith to serve the living God!

GTC is fueled by the words of 1 Timothy 4:7 where Paul commands Timothy “train yourself to be Godly”. We take men on a journey of spiritual growth towards Godliness, through hard work and dedication.

It takes the same tireless effort you put into your pursuit of success in the other areas of life to become the man the Lord has called you to be! GTC helps you channel that same fervor into seeking God through Christ and His Word.

Serving in the church amplifies our impact, spreading His love. Together, we forge unbreakable bonds, sharpening each other as iron sharpens iron.

Join us on this transformative journey, where passion meets purpose, and men become extraordinary followers of Christ

For the Young Bloods!

Meeting via Zoom, "True Sons in the Faith"! supports young adult men, as they embark on the journey after high school, to confront life's trials while developing a Godly character.

Inspired by 1 Timothy 1:2, where Paul called Timothy "my true son in the faith", our ministry is led by maturing Christian men who know what it's like to learn how to fight the good fight of faith as we grow.

Whether you are home or away at school, we are dedicated to teaching and encouraging younger Brothers to walk the path of faith in Christ with wisdom, courage, and integrity.

.Join us in exploring the timeless wisdom of God's Word, learning to trust the Lord's perfect guidance. Discover the empowering strength we receive by faith to overcome obstacles with Christ's help. Together, we'll build a supportive community, empowering each other through accountability, prayer, and brotherhood.

Connect with True Sons in the Faith and embrace a life of power, purpose, and impact for the Lord!

Pull up for the game!

Browns! Cavs! From time to time we all get together and hang out at AGF and checkout the big (or not so big game)!
The grill is always smokin' and so is the fellowship!

Stay tune for the next Watch Party event! 

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